Sugar-Free/Diabetic's Delight

Sugar-Free/Diabetic's Delight

Mountain Man Vail

SKU: 8957

So what if sugar is off the menu! This basket won't contribute to that problem!

   10 oz Mountain Man Summer Sausage

  2.2 oz Elki Crackers

     2 oz Wisconsin Cheese Triangle

  1.4 oz Mini Mustard Variety

   16 oz Smoked Almonds

   16 oz In-Shell Pistachios

3.25 oz Peppered Beef Jerky 

   16 oz Trail Drive Trail Mix, all natural and low in sugar

This basket is typically assembled in a bamboo basket with grass, cello and a 10 loop bow.

Add a cutting board and cleaver for snacking pleasure in front of the TV for just $10 more!

Although we strive to make our baskets exactly as stated, If an item is out of stock, we will replace it with one of similar likeness and value.

Colors of bow and grass will vary depending on the season unless you call to make a special request!