Brown Market Tray

Brown Market Tray


SKU: 1479

This brown market tray is made out of sturdy paperboard.  Strong enough to add a bottle of wine if desired. 

Medium: 8 sq x 3.5 h. Lay products down (4-5) or stand them up in this tray. Sturdy paperboard.

Large: 12 l x 9 w x 2 h. This tray is great for either laying product down (9-12 1 lb bags, or more if using smaller bags) or product can be standing up if more is needed. 

X-Large: 12.5 l x 9.5 w x 5 h. This tray holds enough treats (up to 12 1 lb bags) for a large group. 12.5 l x 9.5 w x 5 h.