Mountain Man Vail

SKU: 60001

What else do you want to add to your basket? We've added things like bagels and cream cheese, wild caught salmon (packaged), gourmet cheeses, fresh fruits, hummus, birthday cakes, helium balloons, etc. You name it! Just let us know in the notes what items you want.  We've got you covered!

You decide the amount that you want to spend and we will pick it up for you with a nominal fee for the trip to grocery store ($15), so for instance, if you want to spend $20 on groceries, select the $35 option.  

You can get an idea of the cost of the groceries you want by logging into our grocery store website (

Note regarding shipping: Please call if you are wanting to ship an item with fresh fruit,  gourmet cheeses, refrigerated items, etc,  so we can evaluate if that is possible (subject to warmer climates and time it takes to arrive).  Subject to extra shipping charges depending on how many groceries we ship.