Organic Blueberry Jam 8oz

Organic Blueberry Jam 8oz

Mountain Man Vail


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Colorado Mountain Jam located wonderfully flavorful blueberries in Gresham, Oregon since these plants favor acid soil, plenty of water, and a cool season — a climate far different from that of hot, dry Western Colorado. In fact, they drove to Oregon to pick up the small blueberries that go into our Organic Blueberry Jam and transported them home to their kitchen in Palisade, Colorado. Packed with intensely flavorful blueberries, this jam couldn’t taste any fresher if you picked the blueberries yourself in your own secret spot.

Use as a spread on breads, French toast, waffles, pancakes, and scones; use as a filling in crepes and croissants; wonderful as a cheesecake, ice cream, and dessert topping; mix into cottage cheese, yogurt, and smoothies.